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NAF (ICP x NFT promoter)
a year ago
1. What’s 86DAO2. Why 86DAO 3. What’s 86Key NFT 4. How to be part of 86DAO 5. Founding Team

Hello, NAF 

It's March, and more rug-pull PRJs are on the way at ICP.

Yes, spring is the season of meeting and parting.

All right, I am going to explain about 86DAO and 86KEY (NFT) issued from that DAO in April

∞ Agenda ∞

1) What’s 86DAO
2) Why 86DAO
3) What’s 86Key NFT
4) How to be part of 86DAO
5) Founding team

1. What’s 86DAO

In a nutshell, we are a DAO that will keep enjoying  around the $ICP for 8 years lock people!

✅Long-term contribution while enjoying $ICP

✅Supporting ICPRJs who are willing to take on the challenge.

✅Support new and existing ICPRJs

✅Reward ICPeople who have been voluntarily active in the past.

2. Why 86DAO

The people in the ICP people's commuunity are basically very kind.

I started collecting ICP and NFT in the summer and fall of 2021.

The people who were already there at that time, as well as those I met afterwards, were really nice.

I was stimulated by their information transmission, and I have been sending out information to ICP as well, even though it is only a small contribution.

On the other hand, speaking of ICP charts...

Yes, "disastrous results".

As as result, tons of ICP projects, platform, people got rug-pulled, that's really understandable. 

Having said that, even in this situation, the people who gently transmit, develop, market, and support newbies are the ICP folks.

Some of them have been on ICP for 8 years.

How long is 8 years lock? It is from the first grade of elementary school to the eighth grade, which is 2031 from now.

If we can help those kind people who have been working for free for such a long period of time...

This is the reason why 86DAO was launched.

1. The "strengths" of the 86DAO are...

We want to create a place where the core members of ICP can enjoy developing, spreading activities, art, etc. over a long period of 8 years.

2. Such a long-lived DAO would be able to walk with the existing ICP PRJ for a long time

3. Furthermore, a new ICP project should be able to contribute to the IC economic zone even through boosting the group in (1) and collaborating with (2).

These are some of the good things that can be achieved.

 🟠Detail(by@coffeemame_nft)in Japanese


We do a lot of things. For example...


We will open the process of art making to the public, and Naf and other geekers will enjoy it.

(We may soon have a process economy where we can monetize the production process as well.)

✅Development group

We are pursuing the possibilities of Defi and contactless cards x ICP.


We are doing easy-to-understand ICP project summaries, information dissemination, Giveaway, etc.


I'm also doing things like considering the launch of Japan's first ICP Meetup.

I have 8 years to do all of these things, so I am taking my time and not rushing.

I think I can do most things in 8 years, so I basically try everything.

Basically, I will not fail, and I will try various things with a "partial success" mentality. Because I have 8 years.


 3. What’s 86Key NFT

Magical (https://twitter.com/TMGN9).

It's only been a little over a month since DAO was established, but he has been making a lot of 86 goods and entertaining the 86ers. It is already magical power.


Magical's first NFT will launch from Yumi in April.

✅Total Supply: 860

✅Price: undecided (we will airdrop quite a bit, would be reasonable)

✅Date of issue: E.O April to Middle of May

It's only been a little over a month since the DAO was created, but they have created a lot of 86 goods to entertain the 86ers...this is magical power.

The utilities will be of the nature of the 86 DAO.

In a word, it is "the key to many good things happening within ICP", attractive PRJ's airdrop, WL, etc., hope you to regard this NFT long-term IC NFT rather than KPI oriented reward, just fun for IC. 

 4. How to be part of 86DAO

Currently, only a limited number of members can log in, but this will be opened to the public in March.
Those who have been locked for 8 years will have more channels to refer to.
Those who have held NFT for 8 years will be able to access all channels. You will also be able to get valuable alpha information.

At 86DAO, we have many fellow projects that we support each other, share airdrops, and exchange development and marketing resources.

They are all good friends who have been enjoying themselves on a difficult path since the launch. Having such strong friends is one of the charms of 86DAO!

  • Cubetopia 
  • Cosmicrafts     
  • PokedBot 
  • DKLORD89.icp ∞ 
  • Dmail
  • InsideDarkStudio 
  • YUMI    
  • InfinitySwap
  • Dfinity Deck
  • MetaBox  
  • ICPCS    
  • ICWorks     
  • ICDinos   
  • and more 

We are supported by many teams and hope to support each other for many years to come.


 5. Founding Team

We are DAO so, there is no specific leader, but yes, let me introduce our leading members as below:

✅ NAF: https://twitter.com/NafterG (ICP x NFT promoter)

Eikichi: https://twitter.com/Eikichi_WLI (MOD)

yasai-furikake: https://yasai-furikake.icp.page/ (MOD)

coffee-mame: https://twitter.com/coffeemame_nft (MOD) 

✅hude: https://twitter.com/hude_icp (Dev)

✅Sloth:  https://twitter.com/slothicp  (Dev)

cryptonurse: https://twitter.com/icp_ns (Marketer)

Lily: https://twitter.com/Lily_Lily (writer) 

✅ Magical: https://twitter.com/TMGN9 (Artist)

✅ Crypto Night:https://twitter.com/CryptoKnights83 (Artist) 

✅ Fugu :  https://twitter.com/F_F_Coin  (Artist) 

Above is just a OG members, other influencers, artist, geeks, deps, researchers, all the core members are 8 years lockers, that's the strength of the team!


Summarize in 3 lines...

a. There is an E&E (Enjoy & Exciting) group called ➀86DAO.

b. The DAO will release a NFT called 86KEY in April.

c. If you have it, you will receive a good thing for a long time as ICP people.

We've been a only 8 years lockers so far. 

But we are planning to expand our membership gradually (of course core members are all 8years lockers)




NAF (ICP x NFT promoter)
a year ago

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