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OpenSea "Piece Cats Collection" explained in detail✨!

OpenSea "Piece Cats Collection" explained in detail✨!What is the Piece Cats Collection?How the Piece Cats Collection came aboutThoughts on the Piece Cats CollectionHow to become a volunteer cat keeper?The future of "Piece Cats Collection"Piece Cats Collection" author: About my 4th grade daughter "Waribashi".About the author: LimoLast but not least

OpenSea "Piece Cats Collection" explained in detail✨!

I'm Limo (@Limopiece), a contemporary artist aiming to live a multi-location life around the world.

I started "Piece Cats Collection" 😻Piece Cats Collection 😻 at OpenSea in 2020.

In this article you can read about our passion for the collection, how we got started, how we make our work and who we are💕.

What is the Piece Cats Collection?

The "Piece Cats Collection" is an NFT art collection born out of the experience of volunteering with shelter cats.

The Limo family volunteered to take care of a total of 9 shelter cats.

The first "Piece Cats Collection" is a limited edition of 9 cat illustrations, which will be presented at Polygon.

The artists are Limo, a contemporary artist, and her daughter.

"cat illustrations ".


This is a very unusual piece of work, combining "cat illustrations " and "original contemporary art images created by Limo ".

and the original contemporary artworks created by Limo.

This is a UNIQE work.

We have not seen any similar pieces yet.

We named it the Piece Cats Collection to reflect both the artwork - Piece - and the peace - Peace💕.

How the Piece Cats Collection came about

Piece Cats Collection is an NFT art collection that was born out of our experience as volunteer caretakers of shelter cats.

⭕️What is a shelter cat volunteer: a volunteer family that takes care of shelter cats temporarily until a foster home is found.

With the help of these volunteers, the cats can live in peace.

It is also an important preparation period for them to get used to living with people.

The Limo family was also a volunteer adopter.

We have a total of 9 kittens in our care.

This "Piece Cats Collection" was born from this experience.

Unfortunately, there is always a shortage of volunteers to take care of the animals.

Thoughts on the Piece Cats Collection

Through this "Piece Cats Collection", we hope to make people aware of the volunteer work we do.

Volunteering in the care of shelter cats can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work.

Even if you have given a lot of love and care to a cat, the day will come when you will have to give it up, because you are not a foster parent.

It's not easy to get over that feeling of loss.

Some shelter cats are not used to being around people and can be temperamental.

They may be threatened, scratched, bitten or run away.

However, there are definitely little lives that are saved by having volunteers to look after them.

We hope to inspire more families to take on the responsibility of caring for their pets💕.

For some reason, the Limo family has temporarily given up volunteering as a caretaker.

However, we thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the importance of volunteering, so we decided to start the Piece Cats Collection with our daughter.

How to become a volunteer cat keeper?

How can I become a cat guardian volunteer?

First of all, please do a search for "shelter cats" or "volunteer cat care".

You can also look on the websites of shelter organizations to see if they are looking for adopters or volunteers.

At Limo we have been involved with two shelters.

The requirements for volunteers are different and each organisation has a very different colour scheme.

We recommend that you check out your local shelter and contact them directly.

The future of "Piece Cats Collection

The Limo family has volunteered to take care of shelter cats, and we have been fortunate to have 9 kittens in total.

The Limo family has been volunteering with shelter cats for a total of 9 years.

The first collection will be limited to 9 cats and will be published on Polygon.

We will be posting updates on Twitter.

Limo Twitter

If you are interested in this project, please follow us.

"Piece Cats Collection" author: About my 4th grade daughter "Waribashi".

Born and raised in Tokyo, "Waribashi" is a fourth grader.

I'm trying to become a world-famous game designer in the future. She loves digital games and dedicates her time to playing "Hara-Kami", "Sky Hoshi wo Tsuboke Kodomotachi" and "Nyanko Taisen" every day.

She is planning to go to an international school in Malaysia to study after Corona is over.

She has mastered blind touch since grade 3. She has been active on YouTube and notes.

Waribashi YouTube

Works under the nickname "Kurage".

Waribashi note

As a 4th grader, I want to use my body type to make real lolita cosplay a reality💕.

About the author: Limo

Limo (LimoPiece) is a contemporary artist.

Limo is an operating theatre nurse turned hair and make-up artist who began making art as part of her career. Limo's work is a combination of bright, transparent resin, mysterious and stylish. They are a mixture of the fragile and the dynamic, as if they contain the energy of life.

His work has been featured in a number of international and domestic exhibitions.

Limo 📷Instagram

Limo 🕊 Twitter

Limo 🌐 Website

Limo 🛒 Online Store

Limo 💠Lit Link



😻Piece Cats Collection😻

Cell of mind✨under construction

Foundation✨under construction

We would like to exchange more and more information with creators who are selling their NFT artworks on OpenSea and Foundation.

Please feel free to follow, like and comment on Limo SNS, we'd love to hear from you❤️!

In 2022, we are challenging to make art works with medical supplies.

We are also exhibiting in real life. Thank you for your support.

Last but not least

Thank you for taking the time to read about Piece Cats Collection.

The "Piece Cats Collection" is an NFT art collection that was born from our experience of volunteering with shelter cats.

We are very happy if this "Piece Cats Collection" can help people to know about the volunteer work and help many families to start their own volunteer work.

Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the shelter for giving us such a precious experience.

I would be very happy if I could be of any help to them through this activity.


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